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Electric Versalifts for Nationwide

UK rental company Nationwide has taken delivery of its first two 13.5 metre Versalift VTL 135 All Electric van mounted lifts, taking the number of units working in the UK to 20.

The new lift features a two section telescopic boom topped by an articulating jib, for a maximum outreach of just over eight metres without the need for stabilisers. The platform is capable of at least 20 full cycles on a single charge.

One of the new electric van mounts

The units will be based in Birmingham and Warrington and come with the new Ford Pro system for commercial fleet management, intended to reduce downtime and improve productivity. The unit has a cargo payload of 500kg after allowing for fuel, driver and passenger. The chassis boasts a range of between 166 and 196 miles and can be topped up from 15 to 80 percent in 34 minutes with a fast charger. Both units will be fitted with Nationwide's ‘Harness On’ device.

Glenn Hall of Nationwide said: “Sustainability is a key driver for the business, and we’re keen to introduce our customers to this new technology. It’s definitely a step in the right direction to achieve our sustainability goals. We’ve worked really closely with Versalift to make sure the E-Transits meet our customers’ needs and are confident they will be in great demand. The vans will be of especially great use on jobs in inner-city environments where low emission regulations continue to tighten.”

Versalift’s head of sales, Chris Wrenn added: “We are delighted to continue our strong partnership and relationship with Nationwide Platforms that now includes our innovative fully electric and hybrid offerings. We look forward to supporting Nationwide Platforms in its drive to a more sustainable future.”

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