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Skyjack booms go electric

Skyjack has announced the introduction of all-electric versions of its 45ft and 60ft articulated Rough Terrain boom lifts, the SJ45 AJE + and SJ60 AJE + at a press event earlier today.

The electric machines will initially only be available in Europe and Australia and will be built in Hungary on the existing SJ45 AJ+ and SJ60 AJ+ production lines. Product gets underway in early June.

The new Skyjack SJ60 AJE +

The working heights are 15.72 and 20.29 metres respectively, the SJ45 has a 300kg unrestricted capacity with 7.62 metres working outreach at an up & over height of 7.45 metres. The SJ60 has a dual platform capacity of 300kg at the maximum outreach of 12.06 metres - in other words unrestricted - or 454kg at a working outreach of up to 9.25 metres at an up & over height of 8.31 metres. The overall weights are marginally higher than the diesels at 5,488kg and 8,888kgs respectively.
and the SJ45 AJE +

Both units are essentially the same as the news[37176](diesel powered + models unveiled in 2021), but with a large dual battery pack feeding an electric powered drive train and hydraulic system. As a result, not only is the performance the same, but the majority of structural components and parts are also the same as on the diesels.
Battery packs and access to all components

The hydraulic pump and electric motor

Even the axle type drive train, which uses a large AC induction traction motor in place of the hydraulic motor, with different braking is largely the same in terms of replacement parts and design. The electric drive does, however, provide a slightly higher top travel speed at 4.8kph, as well as improved gradeability and braking. The electric drive system - batteries, drive motor, electrics etc - is identical on both 45ft and 60ft models.
The electric drivetrain

With good access to the electric drive motor

A HVO diesel recharge type hybrid version is planned for next year, for those customers preferring a hybrid machine to pure electric.

Four wheel drive, operator controlled differential lock and oscillating steer axle are all standard. Non marking rough terrain tyres - poly filled on the 60 and solid with cushion holes on the 45 - are standard. As on other Skyjacks the drive control direction is maintained no matter if the boom is over the front or the back.

The oscillating steer axle is the same as on the diesels

The machine’s hydraulic pump is powered by an AC motor, with an automatic variable speed, to match demand to operate one function and the motor runs relatively slowly. Step up the speed or add a second or third function and the motor automatically speeds up to meet the additional demand without hesitation or interference between functions. All joystick controls are fully proportional, including boom and riser descent.
The simplified control box with indicator lights

Skyjack has gone with a large 415AH AGM maintenance-free battery pack, rather than lithium, which is said to be sufficient for at least a double shift with typical usage. The onboard battery charger takes around nine hours using a standard mains outlet to go from 20 percent state of charge to 80 percent and closer to 15 hours to take a drained battery pack to 100 percent.
AGM battery pack

The system is set up to provide a green light when the battery has more than 35 percent of charge, then a slow flashing amber light between 20 and 34 percent and a rapid red flashing light and intermittent audio warning when less than 20 percent. At that point speeds will be reduced and then elevation functions cut - apart from raising the jib, while there is power left to drive for around an hour at a reduced speed.
The lower controls and hydraulic tank

In addition to their zero onsite emissions, and quieter operation - if you avoid the standard motion alarm! - the new machines are said to be 90 percent recyclable by weight and have half the hydraulic connections compared to the diesel, mostly thanks to the greatly simplified slew manifold.
Pre-production units of the new models

President Charlie Patterson said: “Our new electric boom range was developed to provide a clean, quiet, sustainable rental solution with no emissions, lower operating costs and increased utilisation. The new range remains simple and reliable, while providing an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice for rental.”

Mark Trowman, product development and project manager at Skyjack Europe added: “All Skyjack booms are designed with ease of maintenance and service in mind. With efficient, maintenance free batteries and no engine maintenance requirements, our new electric booms further promote low cost of ownership and operation.”

Check the video below. And look out for a more comprehensive look at the new models in future issues of Cranes & Access magazine.

Skyjack’s New Electric Boom Range from Skyjack Inc on Vimeo.

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